My Obama Year…Michelle, that is. I’m “Becoming.”

Who’s I am is easy. I am God’s child, but yesterday I was asked, a more challenging question: “Who are you?” I gave the professional answer, referencing my businesses and accomplishments. Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been peeling back the layers to get to the core of me. I’ve reflected on who I am.

#Christian ✅

#Daughter ✅

#Sister ✅

#Niece ✅

#Wife ✅

#Mother ✅

#Friend ✅

#Survivor ✅

#Employer ✅

#Mentor ✅

#Servant-Leader ✅

The list goes on. I’ve tried to check all the boxes. These are amazing titles and I am grateful, but when I think about who I am at my core, I think of my childhood, the lessons, the stories, and the journey.

I remember the story that my mom tells about the 32+ hours of labor she endured to have me. I could not imagine! Mom said it was my great grandmother that looked at the full moon and told her that I was coming that weekend instead of a few weeks later. She said the moon said so. I guess it was only fitting that I, this moon child, was coincidentally named Selena, a name with origins of the moon. As a child, my great grandmother and I would sit in our rocking chairs on the porch of her shotgun house drinking coffee, she sipped from her mug, and I would sip from her saucer. We waved at the neighbors. I played in the yard while she scrubbed clothes with a washboard. She watched over me, cared for me, loved me. She showed me that we don’t let our circumstances serve as an excuse. Striving for greatness was not a suggestion. She required my best. I am the manifestation of her prayers. I am resilient because she was first resilient. I am a great mother because she was first a great mother. I look at every full moon and I pray that I am fulfilling the dreams that she had for me. I pray that I am becoming the woman that she asked God to ordain me to be.

So who am I? I am Ms. M.E.’s great-granddaughter, one of the many branches that compose her legacy. I am becoming…

I thank my Heavenly Father for allowing me to see another year. Happy New Year / Birthday to me!









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Selena Rodgers Dickerson

Selena Rodgers Dickerson

Wife | Mother | Employer | Southern Girl | Bourbon Collector | Board Member | Public Speaker | Writer